KUBALA Sp.z. is a company founded in 1987. Dynamic growth, high quality products and ongoing implementation of innovative solutions make the company a leader in the international market of hand tools for construction. The best raw materials are used for their production, including acid-resistant stainless steel marked with the symbol “ROST FREI

We are leading manufacturer of the highest quality fastening technologies in the field of construction in Eastern and Central Europe. We are present on the market with the program for dowels with plastic and metal pins; dowels; impact dowels, screws for PVC, screws for gypsum; roofing screws in eight colors, wood screws and a host of other high quality products.

The color creates the environment (ambiance), CASATI is the slogan with which it first appeared on the market in 1935 CASATI, and here it is represented by a wide range of top quality products. Paints for exterior and interior painting, enamels, sprays, wood protection paint and many other products.

BOLDRINI is another well-known company from Italy, which is a well-known manufacturer of brushes, rollers, decoration tools, etc

AMBROVIT is a well-known fastener systems company and a consolidated company whose strengths lie in technology and quality.

DAKOTA has more than 3,000 products, mainly manufactured in Italy such as: siphons and other plumbing products, valves, level up systems, etc.

ING LULI is a company that produces adhesives for tiles, grouts, plasters, silicone adhesives, facade adhesives, etc.

JUB is the group that is best known in the sector of interior paints and decorations, but also waterproofing, wood protection, etc.