GIPS IMOBILIA DESIGN as a company with a family business character was founded two decades ago, precisely on 15.10 2004 and for this period of a little more than two decades it has recorded constant growth and improvement of the way of working by applying new modern techniques in the operation.


The past 18 years have been enough for GIPS IMOBILIA DESIGN to grow into a market leader in the field of construction and, accordingly, it has a full capacity of human and material resources necessary to meet the demands of our customers with a special emphasis on the performance of:

  1. INTERIOR: Knauf systems, AMF program, mechanical plastering, painting services, laying services, electricity, plumbing, heating;
  2. EXTERIOR: facades, facade carpentry, sheet metal works, ground floor arrangement;


In the area of material resources, we have modern technology and equipment using materials of the highest quality produced by major European brands that possess the best characteristics confirmed by quality certificates from the relevant European institutions.
Во областа на човечките ресурси, со нашата компанија раководи стручен кадар, кој со успех ја менаџира работата на тимовите кои поседуваат работно искуство и сертификати за стручна подготвеност доделени од релевантни институции.
In order to ensure the highest standards and constant quality, the company has an ISO 9001 - 2015 quality certificate that confirms safety, stability and high professionalism in the area where we operate.

Our basic principle from which motivation derives is inspired by the motto: Let us complete your plan... (Let us complete your plan...)