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Washable single-coat water-based paint for interiors with excellent coverage based on acrylic resin, ideal for mineral substrates in general and plasterboard.

Work in progress product sheets

CLEAN 2.1 Single-coat water-based paint.

Product in class A + free from formaldehyde, low content of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Components) in compliance with current European regulations. It allows an excellent recovery on the intermediate coats as it perfectly masks the imperfections of the plaster avoiding the phenomena of snapping.

Preparation of the substrate:
clean the mineral substrate to remove dirt and poorly anchored old paint: on chalking substrates, isolate the substrate with UNIVERSAL FIX diluted with water 1: 1.

Application: roller, brush, spray. Coverage per coat: 8/10 m2 / l with one coat (the yield depends a lot on the conditions of the substrate).

Drying time: after 30 minutes dust-free, recoat after 4 hours.

Dilution: up to 10% according to requirements
with mains water. Storage: in its original closed container and at temperatures between 5 and 35 ° C