- KNAUF SYSTEM: lowered ceilings, decorative applications, cover layers, compartment walls etc.
    - AMF PROGRAM: ceilings from Hunter Douglas and Armstrong
    - MACHINE MORTARING: ceilings and walls with mortar MP- 75, mortar cement ect.
    - PAINITING SERVICES: smoothing, painting, decorative painting.
    - FLOOR PREPARATION SERVICES: machine cement screed, ceramics basis etc.
    - ELECTRICS: electric installments, lighting bodies etc.
    - WATER SUPPLY: installment of water supply with appliances.
    - INTERIER CARPENTERY: complete work
    - CENTRAL HEATING: complete work and installment of heating appliances.
    - FACADES: DEMIT facades with materials from famous brands
    - FACADE CARPENTERY: windows, doors from PVC and wood
    - METALWARE SERVICES: complete work
    - PARTER REALIZATION: complete application