two decades with you...

Gips Imobilia design was established two decades ago as family business enterprise with a modest budget, but with a strong desire to offer something different and high quality services in the field of construction.
After the period of its establishment, we have managed to overcome the challenges and to mark significant growth and improvement of our work with the use of contemporary trends in the field of construction.

Gips Imobilia design has two decades of experience, professionalism, continuous modernization and is a leader among businesses in the field of construction. Evidence of success are the numerous awards and prizes awarded by the famous European brands. In order to ensure the highest quality standards and constant quality, the company is certified by ISO 9001 - 2008 which confirms the safety, stability and high professionalism in the areas where we operate.

Gips Imobilia design is one amongst the companies in the country which enjoys high trust, also known as an expert in the implementation of projects in the field of construction.
The company has a full capacity of human and material resources to meet the demands of our customers in the field of construction, especially in two key segments: interior and exterior.
In terms of material resources we possess advanced technology and equipment using materials of the highest quality produced by the major European brands that have the best characteristics confirmed by quality insurance certificates by the relevant European institutions.
In the area of ​​human resources, our company is managed by professional staff, which successfully manages the work of the teams who possess experience and certificates of vocational training awarded by the relevant institutions.

Our basic principle of deriving motivation is inspired by the motto: Let us complete your plan...